“Gary has written some of the best industry opinion pieces I’ve read. We’ve also used him for numerous client case studies over the years and he always delivers great work on time that fits the brief. Words are his craft and he’s good at it!”
Vanessa Land, Managing Director, Devonshire Marketing

“We used Gary for two media liaison and writing for trade training sessions, based on a recommendation. Through a combination of written tasks set before hand, role play and one-on-one sessions, Gary instilled in us the wealth of knowledge he had built up over his career. We had a great time with Gary, learnt a lot in the process, and highly recommend him for a real insight into the mindset of a journalist.”

Emma Croke, Senior Communications Executive, Brighter Comms, Cardiff

“I’ve worked with Gary on and off for a ridiculously long time. In fact he was the first journalist I ever called as a wet behind the ears PR. I just about survived! Gary has always been great at turning around brilliant, well researched copy on time, but he also goes out of his way to help young PR practitioners understand what makes a story and how to work with journalists. So despite him being an Aston Villa fan (!), I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending my fellow West Midlander for content, client media training or in-house training.”

Nikki Scrivener, Director & Co-Founder, Fourth Day PR

“I worked with Gary for two years at Sift Media when he edited the leading public sector technology website, public technology.net. Gary showed himself able to make what could potentially be fairly dry source material come alive by finding the true essence of the debate in each news story and feature. He rapidly fostered a community of loyal readers who came to rely on his sharp analysis and ability to make technology in the public sector actually mean something! Gary was also as comfortable in front of the camera as behind the keyboard, and I was able to collaborate with him on chairing debates, round tables and on screen interviews, as well as run media training workshops for clients. Gary is a proper pro, and highly recommended in any capacity.”

Simon Burgess, UK Publisher Development Manager, PubMatic

“I have worked with Gary, directly and indirectly, for more than 15 years. We have been technology journalists together, and he has been a features contributor to magazines I have edited. Gary is very enthusiastic and stimulating to work with, with a sharp brain and always ready to contribute new ideas or see a new angle. He thinks very lucidly, processes new ideas quickly, then communicates that knowledge very clearly and engagingly, whether in writing or speaking. When he takes on a job or project he gives it a high level of dedication. He is also a good team member who can communicate easily with others, plus is happy to share knowledge and insights with more junior members. For any role involving industry analysis, communication, mentoring/training, in-depth research or clear writing, I would highly recommend Gary.”

Caroline Gabriel, Founder and Research Director, Rethink Technology Research

“I’ve worked with Gary as a journalist, a copywriter and a media trainer. He brings a wealth of experience, deep knowledge of his subject matter and his inimitable style to everything he does. I have been particularly impressed with his media training sessions. Gary’s constructive, thorough and no-nonsense approach gives spokespeople and PRs alike an excellent foundation for their dealings with media. His PR puff detection skills are second to none, ensuring he creates incisive and engaging copy.”

Lauren Bishop Vranch, Senior Associate Director, Catalysis PR

“Gary Flood is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most dedicated and conscientious journalists that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. This is a man whose dedication to research and investigation in order to bring us the story behind the story is second to none. Factor in a rare wit and a wry sense of humour and the overall package amounts to nothing less than a pro and mensch.”

Julian Marszalek, Music Journalist, The Quietus

“Gary Flood has earned a fearsome reputation over three decades as a business and technology journalist who can see through spin and obfuscation at a 100 paces. That perspicacity still serves him well as a freelance journalist, and puts him in an ideal position to provide media training and corporate writing. As a trainer, he can teach your spokespeople how to answer tough questions with integrity and clarity; as a writer, he can tease out and shape the stories you have that are worth telling. That’s the key to successful content – great stories.”

Andrew Charlesworth, Head of Content, We Are Friday

“Gary is both an informed and intelligent journalist, with an excellent and engaging writing style that gets the point across. I always enjoy my discussions with him – he knows the right questions to ask.”

Clive Longbottom, Industry Analyst, Quocirca

I’ve always found it hard to find good writers that are able to adapt exactly to the needs and style of my clients. Gary is one of those people who you can give a brief to and will fulfill it exactly how you wanted. That’s rare and it’s a quality he has in spades. He’s a great media trainer too and can make poor spokespeople great by posing probing questions and then guiding them through best responses till they are ready to be grilled by the toughest of interviewers. Gary’s a true professional, great to work with and always delivers. Hire him.”

Julian Heathcote, Senior Consultant, Remedy Consulting

“Gary is probably the most intellectually curious person I have ever met. While being a deep thinker, he is also a man of common sense. He writes well, he speaks well, and has a keen eye for avenues of interpretation and ways to unpack a complicated issue. Any employer looking for special talent, look no further – Gary is second to none.”

Kevin Fisher, Manager of Business Development, LinkedIn Corp (US)

“The great thing about Gary is his directness. From a PR perspective, that either makes you quake in your boots before pitching to him or – as, I’ve learnt – ensures you spend time getting you, your client and your story absolutely rock-solid before calling.  If you’re an agency looking to train your new in-take of account executives, or an IT firm after media training for senior executives, then there isn’t a better person than Gary to get into the mind of a journalist and provide practical guidance so you really get the most out of your media relations activities.”

Tom Herbst, Director, Herbst PR

I was lucky enough to work with Gary from an early stage in my career as fresh face in B2B technology PR. His wealth of experience and external perspective allowed me to develop quickly into an expert in my field. With regular and consistent guidance from Gary I propelled myself into the technology industry, and now work as an independent marketing strategy consultant just two years later. I’m sure that this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Gary’s ability to provide steer, invaluable insight and truly empower those he works with.”

Ben Sycamore, Communications Consultant

“Gary has worked on a number of projects for us and always delivered excellent quality, on time and on budget. Highly recommended.”

Damon Crane, award-winning copywriter, Nomad Communications

“As well as being a fine and objective journalist, Gary is an excellent moderator – I’ve seen him in action on a few occasions and he keeps a tight ship, ensuring everyone gets their say.”

Jon Collins, Industry Analyst

“Gary has worked closely with me and the team at Sarum for several years both as a journalist and as a copywriter, media trainer and, most recently  as ‘ghost-blogger’. Frankly we’d be lost without him!. There is a witty, bright, quirky, deeply knowledgeable and engaging manner to Gary’s writing: he finds different angles, he questions things from a fresh perspective and he adds insight and colour that bring blogs to life. I never cease to be amazed by how easily he crafts wonderful copy from difficult and dull topics. With more degrees than a thermometer, he keeps us all on our toes!”

Carina Birt, Managing Director, Sarum PR

“Whether contributing as a freelancer or as part of the in-house team, Gary has always been a diligent and reliable wordsmith. His ability to simplify complex issues so that they are understandable to the reader is second-to-none. He is fast and accurate, but also injects some personality into the content he produces. He is a real professional and it has always been a pleasure to work with him.”

Neil Davey, Editor, Sift Media

“I gave Gary his first job in tech journalism, and it was one of the good decisions I made. Gary has been one of the most thoughtful, original commentators on our industry; always ahead of the curve.”

John Lamb, IT Editor

“The knack – the art – of taking someone else’s often incoherent thoughts and turning them into well-honed, easily digestible prose is a hard one to master. But that’s what Gary Flood achieves with each piece of work he takes on: he manages in a few sentences to get right to the heart of the matter and to find what will be of most interest to the audience. And he does so with elegance and wit. I have turned to Gary on a number of occasions when I have wanted to promote or describe one or more aspects of my consultancy and development work. In a field (primarily the learning and skills sector) awash with communication I know that I only have a limited opportunity to get the point across. And that’s what Gary has helped me do.”

Simon Tepper, Education Sector Management Consultant

“During his time at UCLan, Gary became an accomplished rhetorician – one of the best the MA in Rhetoric produced. He is a wonderful practitioner and teacher of this old, and ever new, art. In his hands, rhetoric becomes more than the art of style and of persuasion, it becomes the practice of genuine communication.”

Dr Johan Siebers, Senior Lecturer Religious Studies, University of Middlesex