How I Can Help You As A Trainer

Since 2000, I have worked with a large number of technology clients (but also a fair few non-ICT firms, like unions and charities) helping them with their messaging. What I mean by this is that I will work with the spokespeople of the firm for either a half or full day to get them ready for dealing with even the toughest press or analysts. We do this by a short introduction to the business process of journalism and what the realities of that are, then do a set of intensive drills. These expose what can go wrong – then empower the executives by some useful and easy-to-learn prep and delivery skills. By the time your guys are finished, they will be able to be 100% more effective than they were at the start.

I also work with internal comms teams. I bring both many years experience of being pitched to as a trade journalist, writing copy to deadline, my interest in the wonderful field of persuasion and oratory (Rhetoric) and my lifetime interest in prose and writing. I offer a set of packages to get everyone from junior AEs to even really experienced AMs and ADs more confident and capable in business writing and responding to mechanisms like FeaturesExec. I’ve also branched out and started working with students on better presentations and debates, too.

Drop me a line at to hear about what I can offer you, your clients, or the team. I like this work, so am always interested in discussing a potential engagement!