Humbled By Some Awesome Words Of Praise…

Just to say, I have updated my Testimonials page here with some amazing, staggeringly nice feedback from all sorts of clients, colleagues and friends, from all corners of my working life, it feels… I am deeply honoured that people have felt it OK to be this positive and complimentary about my copywriting, training and general research skills. Wow!

Only thing I have to do now is figure out a way to pay the bribes. *Looks glum*



Excited to be doing some more internal training

Let's put some magic in that business writing! (Pic: Daniel Rehn on Flickr)

Let’s put some magic in that business writing!
(Pic: Daniel Rehn on Flickr)

Was delighted to confirm a great gig in late November to help some PR Account Execs sharpen up their business writing. I really like this sort of work, and the range of B2C accounts they are working on sounds fun – and a great motivator to be funky writers, as you really do need to be able to grab (and keep!) attention there.

Not going to reveal any details of the client, obviously, but they sound like a go-ahead bunch who want to see some real professional development for the team. I’m going to tailor some great content for them, as well as set them some fiendishly-hard exercises…

Don’t be shy in dropping me a line at if you think this kind of service could help your guys, too!


After far too long… my professional website’s back!

Hi folks; I have left fixing my professional website for far too long. I hope you like the new, simple version, which I think showcases my commercial and training services. I plan to add a bunch of testimonials to this soon as I can, too. Enjoy, and please let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed?